This fantastic Belly Wrap helps to reinforce your natural curves while giving off vibes of sensual feminine empowerment. You can’t go wrong with the Belly Fat Wrap, this fantastic waist wrap helped thousands of clients create extreme and fabulous results! Its comfort and quality are unique and creates a pleasant journey for any waist trainee. Excellent addition to your next themed party wardrobe or for wearing in more intimate settings. Wide long (4 M) for any size, no matter if you have a long torso or a short torso, you can ensure the maximum fit, and it is not easy to loosen and affect the effect in sports or daily life. Benefits:
  1. Flatten the Abdomen
  2. Reduce Waistline
  3. Postpartum Recovery
  4. Support the back
  5. Improve posture
Fabric is comfortable and breathable, and will not hurt your skin. Hurry up and catch our offer of 45 %  – Limited offer! FREE Shipping to the United States and the United Kingdom. P.S Please contact us if you are not satisfied with our item. We will refund your money. DON’T WAIT! Due to high demand, we often sell out. If you have any further questions, please email us!

10 reviews for Slimming Belly Wrap

  1. Melanie N.

    I got these on a whim right before giving birth after someone mentioned recovery wraps to me. I’ve been using them for a week and it just gets better each day. They really help your body return to pre-pregnancy size. I loved the packaging. The instructions and additional inserts are easy and fun to read. So glad I purchased these.

  2. Homebrew

    Good support, breathable, and great price! Will definitely buy another one soon.

  3. Carolyn Alston

    Can not wait to put on after I deliver my baby this week. I tried on even with my belly and it isn’t like the other kinds that scratch up your skin or make it rough. Honestly, it is super soft! Thank you soo much for providing this wrap.

  4. Liz

    This product has helped in giving me a bit of confidence after the birth of my baby as my tummy is still very high. It’s very supportive and I figure that I can continue to use it as a waist trainer!

  5. Ryan

    I love the band it is comfortable and easy to put on. I had 4 c sections and wished I knew about this band with the last 3. I been using it for a week already and I love it. Makes me feel as if my belly went back to its usually size.

  6. cinnabar

     I absolutely find this very comfortable and literally makes my back pain go away quick! It is sturdy, yet soft! Stretchy too! It is hugging my pelvis bones back together I can feel the support in the area as well.

  7. Haley B

    Instructions and illustration pretty straightforward. Has helped with my back pain from the pregnancy. Hoping that in a few months I will see a difference in my shape.

  8. Grandma Pepper

    This is awesome because it’s fully adjustable to what you need and where you need it. This postpartum belly support is a must have item after baby delivery as we mothers needs a lot of belly and back support while walking or standing doing our normal chores.

  9. Michael J.

    It came packaged nicely with instructions. This really helped me feel in place. After putting it on I felt very supported. of course you will need to remove during sleeping or for bathroom breaks, but the support is awesome. Highly recommend.

  10. Dawn

    Love love love this product! Its supposed to help me reshape my belly after my 2nd pregnancy and it feels like it is. Also a plus is it helps tremendously with my back pain. I’m super pleased with this product!

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Slimming Belly Wrap

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